Use Bio Early morning Nectar For The New Borns You Love

Biotique Bio Early morning Nectar is prepared using regular Ayurvedic method for the new born toddlers that you enjoy to pamper. The product is well prepared by using a variety of herbs, which is then blended with pure honey, wheat germ and sea weed. The cream seeps into and replenishes skin dampness and offers a purer, fresh new complexion. The product is in particular intended as a new born moisturizing lotion.

About Bio Early morning Nectar

Biotique Bio Morning Nectar is an Ayurvedic nourishing lotion for new borns. The product is 100% botanical extracts, purely organic and devoid of any preservative. It is non-beauty product and utilized for therapeutic reason.
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Nonetheless, it is greatly used as a beauty product, and until date no side result has been found.

Active elements

Ghritkumari: Ghritkumari is an Ayurvedic name of Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is a very well recognised plant of conditions and conditioner.

Methi: Methi is a common spice in Indian kitchen area, actively playing a major function in digestion. When utilized externally it decreases wrinkles and good strains of pores and skin.

Madhu (Honey): Honey is a natural moisturizer and provides glow to the pores and skin.

Ankurit gehun: It is referred to as germ oil extracted from wheat germ. The oil is rich in vitamin E that is a pores and skin conditioning agent.

Kusambhi oil : Safflower seed oil nutritionally very similar to sunflower oil. The most important utility of ingrain the oil into the merchandise is to lubricate the skin surface area. It provides a clean and tender texture and also act as a pores and skin conditioning agent.

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